Largest Breast Implants in the World

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Wondering who owns the title of the largest breast implants in the world?  Well, it belongs to a Brazilian model who hails in Texas, USA named Sheyla Hershey. Yes, the 28-year old woman and housewife has been declared to have the biggest boobs making a world record with her enormous 38KKK breast size.

Apparently, Sheyla Hershey has undergone nine operations such as silicone breast implants and breast augmentation.  News has it that this woman has even traveled to Brazil to undergo surgery from FFF to KKK bust size after the professionals from Texas, US declined to perform the procedure.  Implanting two or more silicone on the breasts is apparently illegal in the United States. This made Sheyla Hershey be awarded with the Brazilian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World records for having the largest breast implant in the World.

However, the woman with an extremely large and big chest acquired a staphylococcal infection on her ninth procedure wherein she experienced pain and high fever.  As a result, the doctors were obliged to remove the implants on her breasts and drained the discharge for two months.  Latest report has it that the woman who had once been tagged as having the largest boobs ever is now having a smaller breast size like any other normal woman have.

It was nice to hear that the lady has opted for smaller boobs since what she’s done is extremely dangerous and fatal.  Moreover, there are more important things she could do for herself than having to deal with records of having a massive breast, etc.


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