El Nido Palawan Beach Resort Tour Packages

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el nido tour packages in palawan philippinesSick and tired of the suffocating urban life? You probably need a break. You need to unwind and enjoy the other side of the world. City life and nightlife slowly make you sick. It’s time for you to discover the beauty of the island of Palawan. It has been gaining praises from tourists because of its unique landscape and magnificence. One of its gems is El Nido. It is a municipality located in Palawan. Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan. It is bordered by the Linapacan Strait in the north and the Sulu Sea in the east, and the South China Sea in the west. It is considered as a showcase of Palawan’s geology and diverse wildlife. The forests of El Nido are host to more than 100 species of birds. El Nido can be compared to Boracay and Bohol. They have the same weather.

What is the Most Striking Feature of El Nido?

The most striking and breathtaking feature of the place is its picturesque landscape-massive limestone islands with varied shapes and sizes that are scattered about the sparkling sea. The limestone cliffs were naturally carved out of thick layers of coralline deposits formed million years ago. Try to search for some photos and see how magnificent the place is.

photos nice view of elnido palawan beach resort top view of elnido palawan beach photo el nido beach shore photo

Tour Packages in El Nide Beach Resort

Before you travel to El Nido for your honeymoon or visit, you’ve got to know the quotations and prices of tour packages first. Try to compare them and pick what seems to be the best. Take a look at the following sample packages.

  • Php6345: The package is 4d3N which includes PPS airport and DEP transfers, city tour, underground river tour with lunch, Honda Bay island tour with lunch, and 3N accommodation with breakfast. Guests will stay at Audissie Pension or Lucky Garden Inn.
  • Php6845: The package covers 4D3N. It includes PPS airport ARR and DEP transfers, city tour, underground river tour with lunch, Honda Bay island tour with lunch, and 3N accommodation with breakfast. The rooms allow guests to have free WiFi access.

You can have other quotations from travel agencies that you know. I am not connected with any travel agency. If you want to stay in Lagen Resort, Club Noah, Amanpulo Resort, or any other beach resorts and hotels you can also visit their websites. Enjoy your vacation!


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