How to Get your Baby to Talk

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How to Get your Baby to TalkHaving a baby is fulfilling on the part of parents, it adds meaning to your life as a couple.  The sense of fulfillment and pride that you feel is even more intense if you see that your baby is starting to communicate with you with his sweet smiles and cute gestures.  The first step that he makes and the first word that he utters are very significant to you.  You want to capture every moment and monitor every milestone of development of your newborn.

Most parents are excited to hear their baby talking.  The first word of the baby is music to parents’ ears.  As much as possible they want to accelerate the language development of their infant.  Here are some steps that you can take to foster the language development of your child.

  • Name objects for the baby.  Do this frequently and it will help your baby talk.  Show objects and name them.  While you do this encourage the baby to say the name each object.  Do it by syllables.  If the baby is able to produce a sound similar to the name of the object, praise him. Clap your hands and say that he is very good.
  • Keep on interacting with your child when ever possible.  You can let him watch TV but direct interaction really helps.  You ca
  • Keep on reading stories to the child.  Make him listen.  Buy interesting children’s books so that it will be fun.  Some moms even tried reading and talking to the unborn child during pregnancy.  They say that this really works.
  • When you talk to your child, make your speech slow, or in a manner that he will be able to cope with.  You need to emphasize each word. Speak clearly and avoid suing slang or lingo words.
  • Engage in singing activities.  Learning music at an early age promotes intellectual growth.  Sing songs to your child and encourage him to sing with you.
  • Add gestures to your talk.  Talk about what you are doing like “I am dressing you up.”  He will soon understand what you are saying.
  • Play with your kid or toddler.  This promotes interaction and encourages your baby to talk.  One great idea is to play ball with him.
  • Making your baby laugh also stimulates language skills of your child.

It isn’t really hard to get your baby to talk.  You can have many ways to encourage your child to speak.  Just wait for the perfect time as development goes through stages.


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