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best gift for debutantAttending special parties like the ball of a debutante is fun because you are a part of welcoming the celebrator to the society and to womanhood.  It is an honor to be a part of this celebration.  If you are attending such, you are expected to hand something to the celebrator.  You can give something symbolic or anything that comes from your heart to make her day more special and memorable.

It is hard to choose from the available gifts out there.  You want to give something perfect for the debutant and you just can’t pick which one.  One main factor that determines the best present for the celebrator is your relationship to her.  Below are some great gift ideas.

  • Jewelry:  A piece of jewelry is always a perfect present for ladies.  It could be a silver necklace, a ring, or a bracelet.  There are cheap pieces of jewelry out there.
  • Scrapbook:  The first pages should contain photos-from infancy to her 17th year.  Then include messages from friends and family members. The remaining pages will be saved for the memories that will happen in the future.  This is such a good present.
  • Gift Certificate:  If you really cannot decide what present to give, consider this one. Let the celebrator choose.
  • Figurines:  These stuff may be common but give her figurines that spell her name.  Sweet, isn’t it?
  • Plane Ticket (round trip):  Treat her with a gift that will give her a chance to travel.  This is perfect if she has never traveled before.
  • Car:  Fulfill her dream of driving her own car.  This is for those who can afford such expensive present.
  • Book:  If she’s a person who loves to read, ask her favorite author and give her a book written by the author.
  • Fruit Basket:  This also sounds great.  It is a very healthy gift!

The greatest and best present of all is your presence on that day especially if you are really a dear person to her.  Be a part of the cotillion or help in preparing the food on her day.  I’m saying that the best gift is not always expensive.


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