How to Use Digital Thermometer

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How to Use Digital ThermometerYour body’s temperature is an indication whether or not you are suffering from an underlying condition as manifested by fever.  However, in attempting to know your body temp, the mercurial thermometer is definitely out because of its hazardous risk to the individual especially in a baby.  Instead, the widely used these days in the medical setting is the electronic digital thermometer.  Most probably, this kind of device is readings can be quicker compared to the mercurial ones.  Moreover, no calibration is needed and accuracy of results is tested well, too.  But not all people know how to use digital thermometer. Therefore, in our post, we’ll tell you how to go about using digital thermometer pen.  Follow our guide below.

How to Use Digital Thermometer

  1. With a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, wipe the digital temp device.  If it comes with probe, use disinfectant probe wipes for it.
  2. Now, turn the device on and insert it carefully on the ear canal, rectum, or under arm area.  If you are going to take the temperature via axillary, make sure that you place the device in the deep crease of the underarm. For rectal one, use a lubricant at the tip of your anus.
  3. Wait as the thermometer beeps which indicate that taking temperature is done.
  4. Release the device from the area.
  5. Read the result and take a look at the chart included from your kit to see if the result is of normal reading.
  6. If you see an ERR instead, try taking the temp again and make sure that the device is in good contact with your skin.
  7. Turn off the device and wipe it with a cotton ball before keeping it off again.

How to use digital thermometer is generally easy and users will definitely deal with it with no problems at all provided they followed the instructions carefully. Hope this has helped!


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