How to Treat High Fever in Toddlers

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high fever in toddlers treatmentA rise in the body’s temperature over 100.5 degrees is normally considered as high fever. While it can occur at any point in life, high fever is thought to be more dangerous in young children than in adults. Generally, fever is not a disease but a symptoms of an underlying condition. Among its causes are due to viral and bacterial infections. Most cases of fever shouldn’t leave moms be panicky, however one should keep an eye on their preschoolers and young children especially when they manifest febrile seizure, prolonged periodic fever and high fever in toddlers with no other symptoms of infection as it may lead to serious conditions like meningitis. If your little one is suffering from the condition, the best way on how to treat is to seek medical attention from your physician. However, your primary goal is to lower the temperature. Here are some ways on how to treat high fever in toddlers.

How to Cure High Fever in Toddlers

  • Among the ways on how to reduce fever is to five your child treatments like acetaminophen (tempra) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). However, ibufrofen is only given to infant age six months old and up. Be sure to follow the dosage as directed.
  • Another way on how to cure the condition is through home remedies and treatment such as bathing the child in lukewarm water to quickly reduce the fever.
  • Place a cool wash cloth on your w year old or little one’s forehead as ti may also be beneficial in high temperature reduction.
  • Toddlers with high temperature is at risk for dehydration. To prevent this, make sure to force fluids on your young one. Let him drink clear fluids such as water and chicken soup.
  • Finally, dress your little one in a loose comfortable clothing instead of several layers of clothing as the latter won’t allow heat to evaporate thus interfering with reducing the temperature.

Do the following home treatment on how to treat high fever in toddlers. In cases when all home remedies are met, yet your child still appears to be sick, seek medical attention immediately as there may exist a more serious problem.


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