How to Treat Ragweed Allergy

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how to treat ragweed allergyYou might have wondered what ragweed allergy is.  Well, this condition, apart from mold allergy, is a common occurrence for people who are living in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and South America. Generally, ragweed plant is a genus of a flowering plant from the Asteraceae (Sunflower).  The plant usually produces severe and widespread pollen allergy.  Moreover, this plant especially during the ragweed season is one of the reasons why hay fever occurs.  The allergic reaction caused by this one is already a common affectation, and having to suffer from this can be just as irritating like any other allergies.  Suffering from this kind of allergy?  Then know more about this condition and find out how to treat ragweed allergy from this article.

How to Cure Ragweed Allergy

Apparently, the first line of defense on how to get rid of this sensitivity is to take antihistamines.  Some of these medications are prescript while some can be bought over the counter in an array of forms like nasal sprays, pills, and drops.  Many people turn to antihistamines as they provide relief from the allergic reaction.  However, these have their own side effects, too so take necessary precautions when under these drugs.

Another way on how to cure the problem is to eat foods which are rich in anti-inflammatory properties.  Foods such as omega 3 fatty acids, berries, tea, and apples are highly beneficial in alleviating the symptoms brought about by the sensitivity. There are also a lot of organic and harm-less skin creams available which can help you deal with your allergy such as aloe vera.

As for home remedies, honey is among the best remedy to remove suffering from the issue as this helps in strengthening the immune system thus reducing the susceptibility to illnesses like hay fever.  Cayenne pepper and horseradish can also be consumed to help clear nasal congestion brought about your hypersensitivity.

I’ve been saying this for a couple of times, sorry but I have to repeat it: prevention is better than cure.  There are a lot of ways you can do on how to prevent being afflicted by it.  If you know that you are already susceptible to the condition, then take extra measures to avoid being affected by it. Some things you can do include staying indoors and keeping a HEPA filter attachment in your air conditioning units, keep your windows closed, and avoid hanging your sheets and clothes outside since pollen can collect on them. If you must also travel abroad, plan ahead and research thoroughly if it is ragweed season in your preferred destination.

This is how to treat ragweed allergy.  We hope this has helped.  Have a pollen-free day!


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