How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs after Waxing

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Waxing is a good method of removing unwanted hair on leg, armpit, and bikini line.  It is really effective and gives good temporary results.  However, aside from being painful, another effect of this hair removal method is the occurrence of ingrown hairs and can also cause skin burn.

What is an Ingrown Hair (Razor Bump) ?

Ingrown hair is a condition in which the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin.  This happens when it gets trapped inside the follicle.  Ingrown hair can be painful and itchy.   These are actually the common signs.  It is even dangerous when it gets infected.  It is also the source of the red spots which are called papules.  It blocks the pore allowing the bacteria to grow and more likely create a pimple.   It mostly occurs to people who have curly hairs.

What are the Causes of an Ingrown Hair ?

  • Waxing
  • Dry skin
  • Curly or coarse hair
  • Shaving against the direction of the growth of hair

How to Prevent

  • Prior to waxing, read and follow instructions well.   This can help you prevent the presence of ingrown hairs.
  • Get the perfect timing by allowing it to grow longer before removing them.  This helps a lot.
  • Exfoliate your skin frequently, particularly before and after removing the hairs.  This will remove dead skin allowing you to wax easier.
  • Wax with the direction of growth, not against it.
  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the skin.  Wash it before and after waxing.

What are the Treatments ?

  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes until they heal.
  • Do not exfoliate if you have ingrown hairs.
  • Apply a hot compress to the area.  Do it three times a day.
  • Do not try to squeeze or dig them out yourself to avoid infection.

If the infection gets worse and you don’t know how to cure it yourself, see the doctor.  To prevent having ingrown hairs, better have it done with a professional at your favorite beauty salon.


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