How to Remove Facial Hair in Women

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remove facial hair in womenOne of the pressures of being a female is to look beautiful-inside and out.  Although they say that beauty is skin deep, we have to face the fact that beauty is an edge over other girls. One aspect of beauty is having flawless skin.  When we say flawless we mean scar-free and hairless.  If men relish the presence of beard and goatee, women don’t.  It causes lack of confidence.

Removing unwanted hair has been an issue even in the past.  How do we attain hairless beauty?  How do we get rid of facial hair ?  These are some of the questions that we have in mind.  I’ve got some answers for your questions.  We will be dealing with the tips on how to remove facial hair in women.

Facial Hair Removal Tips

  • Waxing:  One of the common ways to get rid of unwanted hair in legs, underarms, and face is waxing.  This is inexpensive, effective, and can be done at home.  You just have to buy a kit that includes the wax made from honey and sugar and a spatula.  You’ll see the instructions in the box of the product.  Try Epilin.  I’ve been using it for years.  Use it every month to avoid increase in growth.  But let me warn you that it is painful.
  • Removal Gel: If you want to avoid the pain of waxing, try applying gel on the areas.  The best time to apply the gel is right after a warm bath.  The pores are open and the hair is softer.  But you have to make sure that you do not have any allergic reactions and that you follow instructions well to avoid complications.
  • Tweezing:  This method is also painful but if you can bear the pain then it’s fine.  This is good with small areas.
  • Shaving:  This is also a good and fast way to get rid of unwanted hair but if you do it often, it may grow faster.  This is not a good method.
  • Bleaching: This is also a method to disguise and camouflage unwanted facial hair.
  • Electrolysis:   If you want to get rid of it permanently, try this method.  This can get pricey though.
  • Laser Removal:  This is done by a professional.  You have to discuss it further before deciding to try it. The result may differ from one person to another.

Before you try any method, make sure that you have enough knowledge about it because you are working with a very delicate part of your body. Hope this helps.


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