How to Grow Facial Hair Faster for Men

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Grow Facial Hair Faster for MenWomen struggle to remove as much facial hair on their face while men seek for methods on how they can grow their beards longer and thicker.  Somehow they feel that it’s one way to signify their masculinity and manhood. However, the growth rate of facial hair men come in varying rates and genetic and environmental factors are to blame.  But all hope is not lost as there are some factors that can help you how to grow facial faster for men.  What could those be?  Then read on.

How to Grow Facial Hair Faster for Men

  1. Making some dietary changes can help you grow your beard faster. Increase your protein intake since our hair is made up of one type of protein which is keratin.
  2. Some guys experiences puberty at a young age where they experience beard growth.  That time their testosterone level is high that is why it is believed that if you increase your testosterone level in the body, you tend to have facial hair growth faster. How to increase testosterone level, you ask?  You can do this by exercising and weight lifting.  Sleep at least 7-9 hours at night, and stay away from alcohols and cigarettes. You may also ask your doctor for certain testosterone boosters to help you with this.
  3. They say that if you want to have thicker beard, then you should shave more often.  This might work since shaving frequently makes it coarse and thicker.
  4. To help you to grow it fast, try to use Firaus oil twice a day.  This oil is available online.
  5. You may also want to apply Androstanolone.  This is a DiHydroTestosterone cream which aids in growing beard faster.  It comes in the brand name of Andractim. However, it is notes that Andractim is used for breast growth and not hair growth, so you may opt for Rogaine instead which is widely used by balding men.
  6. Take daily supplements of Biotin and increase your intake of vitamins and minerals which may be essential for its growth.

I guess that’s it.  Those are some of the tips on how to grow facial hair faster for men.  Remember that there is no fastest way on how you can do it.  If you are still a young man who has just started growing your facial hair and you find it slow, then there’s no need to rush.  Wait it out a bit as it tends to grow more as you age.  However, if you’ve tried any of these methods and none seemed to work, feel free to ask your doctor on how to address the problem.


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