How to Cure Insomnia Without Drugs

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how to Cure Insomnia Without DrugsEveryone can suffer from insomnia.  A lot of people hardly get quality and deep sleep at night.  There are factors that trigger insomnia, it can be psychological or environmental.  If you depend much on sleeping pills or on drugs used to treat insomnia, you may suffer from side effects and I believe you wouldn’t like to risk your health, right?  Try these natural ways on how to cure insomnia without drugs.

  1. Drink Alkaline or Ionized water to promote better health. It is a lot necessary to hydrate your cells and brain. Eat plenty of alkalizing food items, those foods that cure insomnia such as herbs, fruits and vegetables, soy milk, whole grain, certain seeds and nuts. They will help you a lot, allowing your brain to relax.
  2. Try drinking chamomile tea with honey or warm milk before sleeping. Refrain from drinking coffee or soft drinks before bedtime.
  3. Taking a warm bath is soothing and relaxing to the body and tired muscles. This lowers your body temperature and it will help you to sleep.
  4. Keeping a clean and comfortable room for you is a great help. Make sure that your room has good ventilation with correct room temperature as well as equipped with good comforters and comfy pillows.
  5. Try having home remedies.  Avoid things that can disturb you during sleep, it is very important to reserve your bedroom for sleep and sex.
  6. You can also try on using pure essential oil for body massage, chamomile and lavender oil that helps induce sleep.
  7. The fruit kiwi is also effective insomnia treatment. Eat 2 kiwis each night and you’ll see the difference in a few weeks.
  8. Free yourself from stress and worries. Be optimistic. See things in the positive way. Try closing your eyes and feel relaxed.
  9. Exercise. Do daily exercises for at least 30 minutes a day just like brisk walking. Try doing exercises while listening to audios on self awareness. Unwind and relax.

Keep your body healthy, think of happy thoughts and be positive.  Here are just some of the keys to promote good night sleep.  Try these natural cures for insomnia and check them yourselves. Why risk your health if you have natural remedies, right?


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