Home Remedies for Numbness

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numbness in handsNumbness is a condition of some body parts like face, legs, toes, hands, foot/feet and fingers where in there is a tingling or burning sensation and followed by lack of sensation or feeling.   It’s as if you have been under anesthesia for operation but anyway that is a different case.   You feel numb for different reasons and different causes.   Among of the causes of numbing is disrupted blood flow due to staying on one position of a certain body parts, depression, vitamin deficiency, symptoms of a disease (diabetes/anemia), exposure to toxins and side effects of a certain treatment such as chemotherapy. Learning the causes of this condition can help you with the right treatment and right home remedies for numbness.

Home Remedies for Numbness

Below are some remedies you can do to avoid further nerve damage and other symptoms accompanied by numbness like swelling. Here they are:

o Exercise regularly.  Numbing of sensation indicate that you are lacking enough movement to keep your blood circulation on the go. Swimming and walking are best exercises for blood circulation.

o Eat sensibly. High cholesterol food can slow down your blood circulation. So instead, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

o Take vitamin supplements. Though you try to eat right they can not give you the right amount of vitamins that your body needs. Taking vitamin can really help improve your health.

o Drink herbal teas.   Herbal teas promote good health. They stimulate the nerves to work smoothly and thus promote good blood circulation.

o Massage therapy.   Therapeutical massage can improve blood circulation.

o Hot and cold compress.   This has been proven to treat numb on both hands and legs. Simply apply hot compress for few minutes then followed by cold compress. Repeat the steps for at least thirty minutes. It really does help.

Moreover, some would try homeopathy as an added treatment for faster relief and cure of this condition.   On the other hand, everyone is encouraged to ask their health provider before trying any treatment for their medical conditions.   Don’t self medicate.


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