Home Remedies for Jaw Pain

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jaw pain home remediesAny kind of pain may bring discomfort in anyone’s life. What more if the discomfort is due to jaw pain?   Our jaw is one of the most important parts of our body because it supports our oral function.   When you have jaw pain, chewing or even opening mouth is really a struggle.   Strained jaw muscles, tooth pain due to growing wisdom teeth, grinding of the teeth while asleep and temporomandibular joint disorder are the causes of this condition.

This condition is not that alarming when you try to look at it but sometimes when it is accompanied by other symptoms like swelling, cut and bruises on the jawbone or jaw point and the throbbing runs through your cheeks and face then that is another medical condition called trigeminal neuralgia. But anyway, before we gone further, mild jaw pain can be treated by home remedies.

Jaw Pain Home Remedies

Below are some ways on how to get rid of it:

  • Apply cold and hot compress on the affected areas. Alternating the temperature on your jaw muscles can relieve the muscle tension and promote proper blood circulation. It can heal muscle sore.
  • Try some jaw massage. Kneading is a massage technique used for this condition. It relaxes the tensed muscle around the area. Massage gently on the surface to relieve you from the hurt.
  • Gargle saline solution. This is a natural treatment especially if the cause of pain is related to toothache and gum ache. Add some salt on a warm glass of water. Stir carefully then gargle it. Use the solution several times a day.
  • Ditch caffeine for sometime. Caffeine is responsible for increasing muscle tension and it makes the nervous system more sensitive to pain.
  • Avoid eating chewy food. Avoiding this can help you prevent from getting jaw pain in the near future.

More often medical conditions such this is just a symptom of a more complex condition so, proper diagnosis is needed for appropriate treatment. Discuss your condition with a physician if the pain does not stop after trying these home remedies.


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