Baby Rashes on Face

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Baby Rashes on Face pictureSkin rashes are among the most common skin conditions that occur on the baby’s face as well as other parts of the body including the head, neck, chest, and legs.  Most babies and even an infant or a toddler are prone to having skin rashes since their skin is too sensitive. Moreover, they’re immune system isn’t fully developed yet which is why they do not have the capability to fight off occurrences such as these.  If you’re a mom, you might be distressed on what to do if your little one has rash on face and body.  To give you an idea, here are some of the different types of baby rashes on face.  Make sure to read them below.

Baby Rashes on Face

Baby Acne. This condition is common in babies who are about 3 weeks of age.  Baby acne appears like red lesions which generally look like pimples. Since it doesn’t give an infant too much discomfort, there is no need on how to treat it as it usually takes its course on its own.

Seborrhea. This is otherwise known as seborrheic dermatitis and this condition usually starts to occur on babies who are a month old and up. Seborrhea is characterized with yellow bumps which actually produces scales and flakes.  It is commonly seen on body parts with hair such as the head, eyebrows, etc.  seborrhea also goes away on it s own, but if the problem is giving the baby some discomfort, a way on how to cure it is to apply some steroid creams on the affected area.

Eczema. Eczema is a common occurrence in babies who are a month old up to 5 months old.  This can be localized and can be seen anywhere on the face, but oftentimes, it can systemic which means it can appear on almost any part of the body.  This is said to be a result of an allergy from food like baby formula milk.  Home remedies can be performed to eliminate eczema on your baby like moisturizing creams.  Steroid crams may be applied as well.

Other causes of the rashes may be due to baby heat rash, baby hives, baby yeast infection (e.g diaper rash), rubella, ruseola, and a lot more.

As a parent, it’s hard to see that you’re precious one is suffering from baby rashes on face since they can’t express their discomfort about it.  Therefore, home remedies should be done to alleviate what your child is feeling.  Finally, if the rashes don’t seem to go away on their own or it is accompanied with other symptoms like fever, it would be better to talk to your general physician about it.

Here are Some pictures of How the Rashes Look Like in Babies

photos Baby Rashes on Face picture 2 Baby's Rashes on Face photo 3


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