How to Easily Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

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easily hard boiled eggMany people used to be so conscious of adding eggs in their diet because of the cholesterol level found in the egg yolks.  But it’s a good thing that the notion has been stopped when studies have shown that these eggs actually consist of good cholesterol which is just perfectly fine for the body.  Okay, hard boiled eggs recipes are easy to do.  However, the struggle comes when it have to be peeled since they are hard to peel and you’ll just find yourself eating up the yolk alone.  So you ask if there is a secret made specifically for peeling hard boiled egg.  Not much tricks needed here, just follow the tips on how to easily peel hard boiled egg.   Here’s how to do it the fast way.

How to Easily Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

To peel it quickly at home:

  • Boil it until the shells show visible cracks.
  • Once it has boiled already, pour out the boiling water and swap with cold water to contract the eggs within the shell.
  • Try to peel it under running water.  Crack its shell by tapping the end of the egg to the kitchen counter at home and start peeling at the flat side.

And that’s how to easily peel hard boiled eggs.  Last piece of advice though, to make it faster for you to peel it, start with those that are refrigerated for several days as newly bought eggs do not peel easily.  Good luck!


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Soft Boiled Says:November 13th, 2010 at 5:40 am

I go for the soft boiled eggs. I’m gonna give this a try, though!

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