How Many People Eat Fast Food a Day

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mcdonalds fast foodMost people turn to fast food because it is inexpensive, quick, filling, and convenient. This is favorable especially for busy people. They don’t have time to cook healthy meals for themselves and for their family. Fast food is there to the rescue! This makes it popular.

How Often Do Americans eat Fast Food daily – Percentage

In the United States, over 25 percent of Americans eat fast food a day.  We don’t know how much fast food the Americans do eat daily but I’m pretty sure they often eat a lot because this kind of food is so common in there.  There are about 50, 000 fast food chains in the United States including Burger King, Subway, Sonic, KFC, Taco Bell and McDonald’s as the largest.  Statistics show that Americans spend almost $100 billion on this kind of food every year. Daily consumption of fast food in America -UK – and Canada may not be precise in figures but most people including celebrities do eat fast food often.

Effects of Fast Food Consumption to Human Health

Fast food may be yummy but they can put you into health dangers.   There are health problems that we can get from eating this kind of diet like heart disease, diabetes, and others.  This kind of food is kind of addictive.  So you crave for more and more.  Consuming this on a regular basis may lead you to health problems causing you to die fast and young.  These are alarming facts.

Since kind of diet has many effects on our health, we should refrain from consuming this. So, How can we  stop eating? Start it by cutting down the frequency of going to fast food restaurants.  Instead find time to cook at home. Increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits.  Forget about your habit of going to McDonald’s and eat your favorite fries and hamburgers.   I wonder if there are people who avoid eating this.  Do they know it’s bad?  The question now is how many people avoid this kind of diet ?

The next time you crave for your favorite cheeseburger grab an apple.   Satisfy your urge with healthy food stuff.  Divert your attention to healthier things.  Observe a healthy lifestyle and live long.


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