How to Use Hair Toner after Bleaching

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How to Use Hair Toner after BleachingBeing cautious is a sign that you care about your life and the results of a certain action.  Never do anything without knowing the consequences of doing such. You need to be very cautious especially when it comes to your skin, hair, and general health.  Maintain your beauty by following some tips on how to use hair toner right after bleaching.  Read the uses of hair toner and the steps in applying it.

What Does a Toner Do?

  • It makes the hair look darker.
  • It takes quickly on porous hair.

Steps in Using Hair Toner

  • The first thing that you need to know is that the most effective product for toning hair is a semi-permanent hair color because it contains nearly non-existent volume of peroxide.
  • Look for a product the do not contain ammonia.
  • Before applying the toner, you need to wash off the bleach and pat with a towel to eliminate the excess water.
  • If you still have the yellow or orange tint on y our hair, you need a blue toner to neutralize it.  If you have bright yellow hair color, use a toner with a purple base.
  • Now mix the toner with the developer.  Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.  Usage instructions vary from one brand to another.  You have to be careful in following the instructions in the label.
  • Apply the toner on your hair with the given amount of the product and how long you should leave it there.  Refer to the label.
  • Rinse off the mixture and give your hair deep conditioning because bleaching is harmful to your hair.

Applying hair glaze, hair toner, and hair ink to your hair improves the beauty of your hairstyles.  Just make sure that you get the right hair supplies so you won’t be ruining your hair.


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