Home remedies for Lips Discoloration

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lips discoloration home remediesDiscoloration of lips is common nowadays especially with this kind of environment.   Discoloration takes place when pink or red lips turned into dark shades and dark pigmentation is seen on the lips.   Discolored lips is due to smoking, symptoms for some diseases, hormonal discrepancies, using expired and cheap cosmetics, biting and licking of lips, stained from caffeinated drinks and hereditary.

Natural Home Remedies for Lips Discoloration

Before you try different cosmetics in the market that promise you to lighten your dark lips, why not try some of the safest ways by using natural remedies or herbal remedies. It may not be the fastest treatment that you can use but it can guarantee you the same result. So, here are they:

  • Water. Drink eight to ten glasses of water to flush out all the toxins in your body.
  • Lime juice or lemon. The juice from lemon or lime has bleaching properties that can lighten your lips. Apply a fresh juice on your lips before going to bed.
  • Clarified butter or petroleum. Apply a liberal amount on your lips before going to bed. It can smoothen your lips and thus can give you back the pinkish color of your lips.
  • Milk cream. Apply milk cream on your lips; let it stay for few minutes. Then rinse.
  • Cucumber extracts. Just like lime, it has bleaching agent that helps you lighten the discolored lips.
  • Honey and lemon juice. Combine these two ingredients and make a paste. Apply on the affected areas.
  • Yogurt, banana and honey. Make a paste out of these ingredients. Apply on your lips and rinse the next day.

The above mentioned natural remedies will best work for you if you change some lifestyles that contributed to the discoloration of your skin such as avoiding caffeinated drinks because it can stain your mouth, tongue and teeth and also quit smoking.

Remember also that lips discoloration can be a symptom of any body condition so it would be healthy to visit your dermatologist or physician for some medical advice.


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