Dark Lips Remedy and Cure

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home remedy for dark lipsNo matter how fair looking you are if your lips is dark, still..  it’ not good.  Dark lips are caused by many factors such as smoking, using cheap lipsticks and too much drinking of coffee and tea.   You should know that an overall appearance of your face should include healthy lips.   Probably, you are one of those people with dark lips that’s why you are reading this post.   Well, this post is really for you.   I’m going to give you some beauty tips on how to treat dark lips and how to make it red again by the use of home remedies as a treatment.

Home Remedy for Dark Lips

There is no medicine or medication for it unless you ask an expert to do some magic on your lips to bring back the red color.  Here are some helpful tips that you can try instead:

  • Exfoliate it.  Use a soft toothbrush (kid’s toothbrush will do).  Brush gently your lips with the toothbrush with mild toothpaste on it.  Rinse off.
  • Moisturize it.  Use almond oil or a lip balm with vitamin E and cocoa butter to moisturize your lips.
  • Take Vitamin C.  This helps your body to block melanin production which is responsible for skin darkening.
  • Protect it from the direct sunlight.  Use a lip balm or lipstick with sun protection.
  • Stop buying cheap cosmetics.  You think you saved a lot by buying them? Well, not really because they could only let you spend more by ruining your skin.
  • Stop smoking.  Smoking is the main cause why a lot of people have dark lips.  It won’t only darken your lips but it will also ruin your health.

These remedies won’t get back the lip color with a blink of an eye but it can eventually bring back the red color by doing these religiously.  If you want a faster way, then ask your dermatologist about it.


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