How to Treat a Swollen Lip

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how to treat a swollen lipsBeing one of the most conspicuous part of the face, it is hard to hide if you are lips are swelling.  In addition, when your lips are swollen, it also interferes when you’re drinking and eating.  Reacting since lips are also vital for a lot of facial expressions can be troublesome, too.  Generally, swelling of the lip area whether in the upper lip or lower lip have a lot of causes.  Some of them may be due to reasons like an allergic reaction from food or even out of nowhere, trauma from environmental objects like when you got a piercing or tattoo, angioedema, and other medical conditions.  It can also occur after dental work.  A toddler is also prone to having busted lip since their activities may also cause direct hit to the lips.  However, you don’t have to bear with its pain, tingling sensation, and swelling as there are actually a lot of treatment options including home remedies and medication to get rid of them.  Learn more as we discuss how to treat a swollen lip.

How to Cure a Swollen Lip

  1. Medication treatment will be given by the doctor depending on the cause of the busted lip.  Say, if it’s because of an allergy and then accompanied by itching and redness, then most likely the doctor will provide antihistamine for it.  As for blisters on the lips, antibiotics may be prescribed.
  2. Since swollen lips can also occur as a result of an allergic reaction, one must identify the triggers such as food, and other environmental factors to prevent allergy as much as possible.
  3. Always keep your lips moisturized by drinking plenty of fluids.
  4. Starting off with the home remedies on how to cure swollen lips is with the use of ice.  Ice cubes put in a towel can be applied on the affected area to decrease swelling and numb the area if pain is felt.
  5. A healthy diet especially that is rich in Vitamin C can also play a vital role in reducing swelling and repairing tissues brought about by the condition.
  6. Mixing turmeric powder with water and Fuller’s earth can also aid in the condition as Fuller’s earth is noted to heal and reduce swelling.
  7. To reduce bulge on the lip area, you can also make use of aloe Vera gel.

And that is how to treat a swollen lip.  We hope that this will be of great help to you condition.  Good luck!


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