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United Kingdom or UK is known as the center of world trade and finance. United Kingdom is not only known for that but for its grandeur culture.   This is where civilization started, so the place itself will tell you a great story about how beautiful it is inside and out.   This country has so many things to offer when it comes to tourism.   UK’s best tourist places or spots are always a must see places because of its richness in history.

United Kingdom is full of diversity when it comes to culture.   This country is worth a visit and worth to explore.   Visitors from other country would be amazed and thrilled to experience the uniqueness and variety of this country. This country is definitely the best place to travel and spend your vacation.   So what are the best places to visit in UK? What are the top attractions in England?   What is the best time to visit?   What are the things to do that you should include on your list in visiting UK?

Here are the Best Places to Visit and the Things that You can Do in there :

Cumbria and the Lake District UK Cumbria and the Lake District. According to Ben Foggle, a TV presenter, Cumbria and the Lake District is a perfect package and really a picture post card. It is indeed a perfect picture of God’s creation because of its vast scenery. The things to do when you travel here are: Lake Cruise, visit Wordsworth’s home, see the sculpture trail at Grizedale Forest, shopping at Carlisle and water sports galore.
Alton Towers resort United Kingdom Alton Towers resort.  It is the best place to visit in United Kingdom if you are with your family; the location is in West Midlands of Birmingham.  It is one of the main attractions in UK. It is gigantic adventure park. It has themed park, Water Park, hotels and spas to try.
Cornwall Beach in United Kingdom Cornwall. It is located on the south west of England.  It is the best place to visit in England if you are looking for mildest climate and if you want to relax in the beach.  The scenery is spectacular also.  You can try some water activities when you travel there.

UK has the most unpredictable weather but the best time to travel in UK is around July and August.


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