What is the Best Way to End a Relationship

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best way to end a relationshipBreaking up with someone is never an easy thing to do most especially when your partner is not at fault.  But you know yourself that it’s over and your relationship must come to an end. There’s no point staying beside your girlfriend/boyfriend if you’re no longer happy.  Just say goodbye and leave. But the hardest part is how you’re going to say it’s over.  It’s not easy to find ways to get out.  What is really the best way to end a relationship?   When is the right time to break up?  How do you know when to end a relationship? These are just few questions that can be answered after reading this post.

What is the best way to end a relationship ?

Here are some practical and best ways to finish a relationship.

  • End it sooner than later. The longer you allow the relationship to go on, the harder it is to get out of it.  Keep things light until you see the true colors of your partner.  If you feel that he/she is not the right one for you, let go.
  • Don’t be tactless. Think first before you utter anything.  The best way to put an end is to break things off face to face. However, sometimes a telephone call or a letter may work better.  Emphasize your needs fro individuality rather than focusing on your partner’s weaknesses or faults.  This may be a good way to retain friendship.
  • Relax. It’s true that you get emotional during a break up. You don’t want to be dumped.  You don’t want to break a heart by ending a relationship.  Try not to be very upset when you hear harsh or negative things from your partner. Have a wide room for understanding your partner.
  • Be straightforward. Do not make excuses like using your job or your family.  Just tell the truth that you are not happy and your relationship is not working. You can express sadness about your break-up but do not give false hope if you are not sincere of it.
  • Keep the friendship.  Try to separate ways as friends if it’s possible. After all you have invested emotions toward each other.  But sometimes it’s not easy to remain friends.  If it’s not possible then maybe have respect for each other.  Wish your partner good luck.

There’s no best way to leave a relationship.  You will still break the heart of your partner no matter how you make things simple and subtle.  There’s no easy way and there’s no right time.  Breaking up is breaking up! I can just give you the best way to handle a break up.  Do not sit in a corner and cry.  Just think that you’ve been dumped because there’s a better person out there waiting for you.  Move on.


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