How to Remove Kiss Mark

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How to Remove Kiss MarkA kiss mark has many names.  It can be hickey, lipstick mark, love marks, love bite, or passion mark.  Whatever you call it, it is still humiliating when others notice it on your neck or any other parts of your body. How does one get it?  A kissmark occurs when someone kisses or sucks your skin excessively. Doing it excessively causes the blood vessels around the surface to open.  The bleeding soon stops and leaves the red color which is called the kiss mark.  This mark comes from shallow internal tissue bleeding and it cannot be removed.  You can only lighten it or cover it up.

Steps to Get Rid of Kiss Marks

Since removal of hickeys is not possible, you can take some steps to at least hide it or to lighten its color so that its visibility is minimized.  These include the following:

  • To minimize the color of the mark, you can use cold agents like ice cubes and spoon.  For the ice cubes, never apply it directly onto your skin because it will worsen the condition.  Instead, wrap them with a clean wash cloth and put it on top of the mark.  For the spoon, put it on the freezer for 10 minutes and wrap it with a wash cloth then massage it up and down the mark.  Do it several times.  However, don’t overdo it as you might worsen it.
  • Rub toothpaste on it and leave it for 10 minutes.  Then rinse it off.
  • Brush it out using a soft toothbrush.  Do it slowly in a circular motion from the innermost part to the outer part of the bruise or mark.  This works by starting up circulation again.
  • Hot compress also helps.  Dip a wash cloth in lukewarm water and press it on the surface.  You can also use a tea bag but wrap it with a cloth to avoid staining your skin.
  • Conceal your mark with makeup.  Try green-tinted concealer, because it is designed to negate red skin tones.
  • If you cannot really delete the mark or there’s no remover that works for you, you can also wear a turtleneck, scarf or collared shirt to cover the mark on the neck.

Getting rid of these marks usually takes five days.  If you cannot really remove it, just hide it and pretend that you don’t have it.


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