How to Make your Girlfriend Feel Special

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How to Make your Girlfriend Feel SpecialIn a relationship, both need to feel special and loved.  Both need attention and care from each other although there are instances that girlfriends tend to be demanding of the attention of boyfriends.  In some cases, girlfriends are spoiled by boyfriends.  If you want to make your girlfriend feel that she is a very special person in your life, spend a few minutes reading the following tips.

How can you Make your Girlfriend Feel Special

  • Tell her you love her every day.  Be sincere in saying so. Don’t just say it as a part of your daily routine. Say it because it’s what you really feel. If you are together, say this as you kiss her.  Saying I love you is sometimes enough to make her day.  This phrase is one of the sweetest things and words to say to her.
  • Kiss her forehead/cheek and then give her a tight hug.  Doing this gives a different feeling like security.
  • Brush her hair with your fingers as you let her lay her head on your shoulder.  This brings joy to a girl.  Do this more often.
  • Know her favorite food and cook for her. It is unusual for men to do this to women because most of the time, it’s the other way around. Cook for her even on usual days. If you know how to bake, it’s also a great gift to her.
  • Try to give in sometimes.  Do what she wants but you don’t have to be a henpecked boyfriend.  Just make her feel that you want to make her feel really special.
  • Tell her that she is beautiful and she’s special.  Try to be romantic but don’t overdo it.
  • Give her flowers plus sweets.  These are some of the weaknesses of women.  They love receiving these from their men especially on their birthday.
  • Never forget your anniversary or monthsary.  It makes her upset.
  • Respect her as a woman. Be careful with the words you say. Think of what you say to her.

Making your girlfriend feel special isn’t really that hard.  You don’t need to be rich to do this.


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