How to Date Casually

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how to date casuallyIf you feel like you’re not over your ex-beau yet but you don’t want to be stuck in your room crying over your broken heart, you can still get a life by going on a casual date.  What happens when you date casually?  What does casually dating mean?  How is this kind of date?

Casual date is a kind of date where you can go out with several guys or gals at a time.  It is a lunch or dinner get-together in which there is no expectation of further commitment on either side.

Guide when Dating Casually

Here are some things that you have to remember when dating casually.

  • Avoid intimacy between the two of you.  Remember it’s just a casual date. Intimacy is off limits including physical intimacy.  No kisses, no hugs, no touches! Hands off!  This is to keep you from getting emotionally hurt when the time comes that you’re going to call it off.  You don’t know if the person is going to be serious with you.
  • Be honest to your date.  Tell the person that you are also dating other people so you can avoid hurting them.  Casually dating gives you enough time to choose who among them can be your next lover.  You can also tell the person that it is perfectly fine if he/ she dates other people.
  • Keep your conversations casual in a way that you don’t go too personal. Limit the personal information that you tell the person.
  • When you go out, you can wear clothes like jeans, shirts, or any clothing in which you will be comfortable with.  If you are a girl, a casual but fashionably dress will be fine, too.
  • Don’t date anyone very often especially when you don’t want to take the connection into another level.
  • Avoid engaging in long conversations as much as possible.  This can lead to relationships.

That’s it!  Enjoy the fun of dating casually!


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