How to Date a Thug

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How to Date a ThugThe funny thing about love and dating is that the person you love does not meet the standards that you have set. Sometimes, you fall for the opposite. It’s not really easy to handle such situation.  Now, you are into dating a thug or someone who is considered a menace of the society.  One side of your brain says you should stop it and let go but the other side says you should hold on.  If you choose to hold on because you are blinded by love, then read the following tips.

Guides when Dating a Thug

Below is a list of some dating tips that could help you deal with a thug.

  • You may have accepted him for who he is but don’t embrace his way of life. Don’t be influenced by him.  Don’t forget your character.  Don’t forget the real you.
  • Although it seems difficult, try to enlighten his mind. Influence him with your values and character.  Yes, it is really fun and challenging to date a man with roughness but if it’s too much, it won’t be healthy anymore.
  • Spend more time with him so that you can keep him within your reach and his illegal activities are minimized.  Divert his attention.
  • Make him realize that he can do more than what he does at the moment and that you believe that he is a good person.  This will help him to at least consider turning away from what he does.
  • Kiss him passionately and tell him you love him and that you cannot afford to lose him.  Make him feel very important.
  • Appreciate the good things he does for you.  Encourage him to do better.
  • Know when to stop and let go of him.  It may be difficult to let go but if you don’t see any changes, do yourself a favor by moving on with your life without him. Follow this dating advice and try to see what happens to him without you.

That’s it!  All I can give are suggestions but of course, at the end of the day, you will still follow your heart.


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