How to Date a Popular Girl

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How to Date a Popular GirlGetting the attention of a popular girl is not easy especially if you are not a popular guy.  The popular girl is surrounded by many people and only a few can have the chance to get close to her.  Is she an unreachable star for you? Well, don’t just sit in a corner and watch her from a distance. Don’t you want to experience the fun of being with her?

Guide when Dating a Popular Girl

Here are some dating tips that could be useful for you to get closer to her:

  • Boost up your confidence.  She will never notice you if you don’t have the confidence to make any move to catch her attention.  Do you think she would go out with a guy who is timid?  If you are shy, do something to enhance your confidence and self-esteem.  If you are not a popular boy, at least do something to draw her near to you.
  • You can do this by gaining her as a friend first.  You can use her friends as your passport.  Know their favorite place to hang out. Be there and hang out with them.  You need to be her friend first.
  • If you have gained her as a friend, you can ask her to go out but it should not sound like you really want her as a girlfriend.  One at a time boy.
  • Know her preferences.  Know the things that interest her like her favorite clothes, music, sport, or movie. If she’s into sports, join her.
  • Do not just rely on what you see.  Looks can be deceiving, right?  Get to know her character and find out if she’s really the girl that you want
  • Love the person and not her popularity.  Do not just show interest to her because you want to use her popularity to your own advantage. Don’t make her as a trophy girlfriend. S he deserves your best interest. Girls are not objects that you can play with.  Don’t be wicked.
  • Be unique but nice and loveable.  You don’t need to be at the top of your class. Just be someone who can make her laugh, smile, and who can be there when she needs someone.
  • Be a real gentleman.  Have some manners.

These are pieces of advice that you can follow when trying to date popular hot girls. Wishing you success and happiness!


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