How to Get your Baby to Walk

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How to Get your Baby to WalkThe development of children goes through stages.  We have the so-called milestones of development.  There are expected developmental tasks in each stage.  For instance, at 5 months, your baby bounces up and down if you let him balance his feet on your thighs.  As he continues to develop, he’ll begin to roll over, sit, and crawl.  As time progresses, you’ll see more changes.  These will be fulfilling on your part as a mom after pregnancy.  However, there are certain factors that could affect the development of each child.  These factors could lead to developmental delays.  On the other hand, as a parent you could also stimulate or foster the level of development.  Are you dying to see your baby walking?  Mom and dad, take a look at the following tips to get your baby to walk.

  • Understand that your newborn needs time before he can walk.  Forcing the child won’t help at all.  Wait for the time until he’s ready.
  • The first requirement for your baby to be bale to walk is to have strong back muscles.  Your baby can achieve this by simple exercises like lifting their heads while lying on their tummies.  You can help your child by placing interesting toys and objects just out of reach for motivation.
  • Once your baby can sit, help him practice balance and mobility through rolling a ball back and forth with him.
  • It’s easier to learn walking without shoes.  Try to keep your child barefoot indoors.
  • Buy a walker to aid him, but do not rely on its service because it does not let his upper leg muscles develop properly.  In some cases, it leads to injuries.
  • Once your infant can stand, help him take steps by holding him by the torso and not by his arms or legs.
  • Assist him to stand on his own and slowly withdraw your support.  But keep your eye on him because he is still acquiring balance.
  • One good encouragement is to call out his name from a distance or placing his feeding bottle out of his reach and make him crawl towards it.  This is one way on how to teach your baby to walk.
  • You can also watch a walkthrough guide on how to make your child walk.

Learning new skills is harder for babies compared to toddlers.  Don’t be impatient and just wait for the perfect time until your baby is able to walk around on his own.


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