How Much Milk Should a 1 Year Old Drink ?

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baby drinking milkIdeally, breastfeeding and switching from breast milk to infant formula for your baby is perfect for the first six months to one year of life since milk, alone, contains just the right vitamins and minerals he needs to protect him from illnesses, ensure healthy growth, and promote easy digestion.  However, when your child reaches one year old, eating habits should be modified as it is the time when they start to lean on a diet that is more likely than any older people eat.  Since solid foods are started to be introduced to your little one, you might have been wondering how much should a 1 year old drink.  Hmm, really how much does he need then?  Read the entire article to learn more.

Milk is still an important part of your 1-2 year old kiddo since this plays an important role in building strong bones. Your baby’s need for milk generally decreases as he gets older. However, there isn’t specific answer to the query since one baby differs from another. Generally though, it is estimated that atleast 16-24 ounces (2-3 cups) of whole cow’s milk daily can be drank by your kid.  Be mindful that whole cow’s milk is suggested for brain development.  But oftentimes, toddlers this age do not like the transition from breast milk to whole cow’s milk.  If this is the case though, you can mix the formula milk into breast milk once in a while until such time that it becomes pure cow’s milk.

The milk supplement is also associated with other liquids such as water and atleast 4-6 ounces of natural fruit juices daily instead of the artificial cocktails and beverages. Oftentimes, three meals and two snacks can be offered to your child, but do not be alarmed if they try to skip meals at this time since it is just a common issue.  For this, try to set a regular meal and try to sit with your kid as long as the other family members as he eats.

You may have to experience some circumstances as your child passes the adjustment period, so don’t fret if what you see form your child differs form others because it will happen in time.  However, if you are still having doubts about your child’s intake, make sure to visit your doctor to learn more.


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