Arnold Clavio’s Rude Interview on Janet Napoles’ Attorney Received a Lot of Negative Reactions

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Kapuso reporter Arnold Clavio received a lot of negative reactions from netizens after his rude interview with Attorney Alfredo Villamor who is the lawyer of Janet Lim Napoles.

Arnold-Clavio-rude interview janet napoles attorney

During his interview, Tuesday morning on Unang Balita. Arnold Clavio quoted these unethical lines:

“Panira ka ng araw eh” (You spoil/ruin my day)”

“Wala akong nakuha sa inyo (We did not get any relevant information from you)”

“Sana pala hindi namin kayo natawagan, salamat ho, wala ho akong nakuha sa inyo [na relevant information]. Salamat po attorney,”

Watch the Video below:

According to the netizens, Arnold Clavio is so unprofessional, rude and arrogant which is actually not new for me because I have already seen a lot of Arnold’s Clavio’s rude and unprofessional interview videos from youtube.

These are some of the comments I saw on social networks:

“Grabe ang bastos ni arnold ha? kausap nya abogado.tsaka yung abogado naman ay magalang yung sagot sa kanya. ang gulo mo kasi magtanong arnold. tinatanong mo yung sa illegal detention tapos PDAF na naman tapos balik na naman sa illegal detention. kaya sinisiguro ng abogado kung ano ang tinatanong mo. kasi ikaw ang magulo. kung naging bastos sana yung abogado pwede mong bastusin kaya lang nagtatanong lang sya at magalang naman. feelingera ka arnold! ang mga mata mo pa naman parang luluwa na! matuto kang gumalang! sa kapwa tao mo!”

“Ang kapal ng mukha ni arn arn. Sila na nga binigyan ng chance nung tao di nila nirespeto. And to begin with, research nila ang mali. GMA7 should apologize. Wala magpapa interview sa kanila pag ganyan.”

“Grabeh ang bastos nya mag interview ha.. Nag pasalamat pa siya, di nya pinakinggan ang lawyer. Bastos tlga.”

As I said earlier, this is not new for me because I’ve already witnessed a lot of his rude interview. One of videos I can remember as of now was the controversial news a year ago about Robert Blair Carabuena and the traffic enforcer Mang Saturnino. On the video, you can see how unprofessional this reporter is when he was asking a lot of sarcastic and inappropriate questions such as “Nakainom ka ba” to Mang Saturnino. Watch the video below.

For me, I already lost my respect to this reporter. What can I say? He is really arrogant, Unprofessional. I think he should be terminated for that. GMA should do something about this reporter.

Hey, Mr. Arnold if you can read this. You were  the one to call first to Attorney. You should be grateful that he answered your call.

What can you say about Arnold Clavio? What would you do if you were the attorney being interviewed with those sarcastic words? Just leave your comment below.


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