Watch : Pak Ganern! The Viral Dance Craze Challenge

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Pak Ganern! A trending expression that  is currently in use among many Pinoy. The line was almost in every mouth of people whenever, wherever. The origin  of the word was not yet clear but according to a University of  the Philippines ( UP ) professor pak could possibly mean ‘tumpak’ while ganern came from ganun. Basically you can add the famous phrase before or after a statement or sentences you say or do. Currently Pak ganern! can be read in almost social media’s comments/ status . It’ becoming a craze and everyone’s using  it whether in their casual conversation or in the virtual world.

While the word has its massive users a new challenge is now created with non other than this versatile line title ‘Pak Ganern Challenge’. It was first introduced in a popular noon time show where group of people would chant the expression as they bend their hips to both sides and count numbers. After the video was uploaded many took the challenge and create their own Pak Ganern version. The fun game was made by students, friends and workmates and even celebrities. Watch as they create their own Pak Ganern Challenge in a creative and craziest way possible.


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