How to Make a Homemade Insecticide

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Make a Homemade InsecticideIt’s always fun to create things. Seeing the work of your own hands gives a sense of achievement.  You’ve tried to make different crafts and now you’re using them at home.  You can even make money out of your creations.

In this post we are going to create a homemade insecticide using some of the things you have in your shelf.  The following are some pesticide recipes.

Making a Homemade Insecticide

  • Garlic Spray: Get several cloves of garlic. Crush the cloves of garlic. Now get a quart of water then mix the ground garlic with the water.  The mixture is now ready to be used as insecticide.  Spray it on plants. The insects will be poisoned by the smell of the mixture.  Most likely they will avoid the plants with the smell of the natural pesticide.
  • Chili Spray:  Another effective insecticide recipe to get rid of pests like caterpillars in your garden is chili spray.  Mix two cups of dried or fresh chilies with two cups of water.  Spray it right away.
  • Soap Spray:  Dissolve 225 g laundry soap in 9 l of water.  This is good in killing insects that are on your plants.  Spray it on your plants and leave it there.  Hose it down the next morning with water.
  • Citronella Spray:  This insecticide is a good fly killer.  Just mix a part of citronella to 7 parts of water.  Instead of buying Raid, try this one first.
  • If you are after the unwanted plants in your garden, you can also mix 1 cup vinegar, ¼ cup salt, and ¼ cup dish soap together to create a natural herbicide.

How do you make a homemade insecticide?  Simply follow the steps to make your own organic insecticide and avoid the harmful chemicals in commercialized products.  The best way to kill pests are to set them up in group and spray the mixture that you’ve chosen on them.  Lear to be resourceful and save big.


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