How to Cook Shanghai Rolls

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shanghai rollsShanghai comes from the Chinese people and one of the most popular food in China. And they are not the only ones who were addicted with the promising taste of this food. The dish is so easy to prepare. Nonetheless, it’s inexpensive. You can grill or fry spring rolls as what they call it too. This time, I’ll teach you the ways but we’ll gonna fry them. Cooking shanghai is stress-free and you can have it whenever you want. You also can have shanghai with rice.

The following are the ingredients you will need on how to cook Shanghai rolls:
1/2 pound ground pork
¼ cup diced shrimp
¼ cup carrots, grated
2 tbps soy sauce
½ tbsp. Five Spice Powder
1 egg
1 pack wrapper

So easy as it can be. Here are the procedures on how to cook Shanghai rolls/ Lumpiang Shanghai.

1. Mix, the ingredients, in a bowl. Put all the pork, shrimp, soy sauce, carrots, five spice powder, pepper and egg together and blend them well.
2. Spread or lay out a spring roll wrapper and put a spoonful of the mixture into the wrapper. Be sure to spread evenly.
3. Next, you have to fold and roll the wrapper over the meat. Along the edge on the wrapper, you have to sprinkle a little amount of water to seal it.
4. Then do the same steps again for the remaining mixture. If the rolls are to big, you can cut the rolls into small pieces so it would be easier for you to fry them.
5. In frying, you will be needing a frying pan put over heat and add some oil. Fry your shanghai and wait til golden brown. Turn rolls to cook the other side. Make sure to cook them in a medium high heat.
6. Remove the shanghai rolls from the pan and put them in a paper towel to let oil subdue.
7. Serve your shanghai rolls with your favourite sauce. Soy sauce with calamansi and sweet chilli sauce will do but I prefer vinegar.
8. Eat the rolls while hot and crunchy.

Play your favourite movie and sit together with your family with your shanghai rolls. Uhm it’s so much fun really. You’ll have the feeling you can’t compare.


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