What is Astigmatism, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment?

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what is astigmatism, symptoms, causes, and treatmentRefractive errors where your eye does not bend to the light correctly are a very common problem to some people. Some are myopic or nearsighted while others are hyperopic or those who suffer from farsightedness. But there is also another type of refractive disorder which is becoming common in many people as well – astigmatism.

Astigmatism is a disorder where the sufferer experiences vision blurring at all distances. That said, its meaning is that the person is unable to view objects close up or from afar. It can start in children and continue to take effect throughout one’s life span. Learn more as we tell you what is astigmatism, symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Causes of Astigmatism

Normally, the cornea is smooth and is curved accordingly in all directions. When there is an irregular curvature in the said part of the eye, that is when astigmatism sets in.

Astigmatism Symptoms

  • Vision that is usually distorted and blurred
  • Eye squinting/ Eye strain
  • Headache and fatigability
  • Nausea and vomiting

The symptoms usually mimic any other medical condition. Therefore, if you suspect that you might be suffering from the disease, it is better to contact your eye doctor accordingly to undergo diagnostic tests such as astigmatism test as well as other eye exams. On the other hand, a brief review on how to treat the problem may be seen after the jump.

How to Cure Astigmatism

Say, this type of refractive order is not that severe and can be managed; corrective lenses may not be given. However, if it’s more than slight and the symptoms have become discomforting, then your doctor may give you lenses (eyeglasses or contact lenses) prescribed for your eyes so as you will have clearer vision.

Refractive surgery is also considered for severe cases where the shape of your cornea may be altered via laser eye surgery. Lasik eye surgery is becoming a normal intervention as treatment for the problem. Click on the link to learn more how Lasik eye surgery is done.

At times, one may experience increase in astigmatism which is why it is necessary to visit your ophthalmologist once in a while to help you make sure that you are wearing the right lenses to avoid further discomfort.


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