How to Treat Cramps

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how to treat crampsThe sudden and involuntary contractions in one or more of the muscles are termed as muscle cramps.  This is a very common occurrence are some certain points in our lives.  If you have had a muscle cramp before, then you know too well how painful it is. Muscle cramping happens in a lot of parts of the body and it causes great discomfort to the person.

Stomach cramping is really painful and oftentimes this happens due to an underlying condition such as food poisoning, diarrhea, or other serious diseases.  Once you experience abdominal cramps, it is better to see a doctor to find out exactly what causes this painful cramping.

Another type of cramp is the menstrual cramps that most women experience during their period.

While the most commonly experienced is the leg cramps which can happen to anyone even to women during their pregnancy.  Leg cramps usually occurs at night and one can feel the muscle contraction in the lower extremities including the calf/calves, and foot/ feet.

Wondering how to treat cramps?   Then read on as we’ll tell you how to get rid of it using home remedies and other optional treatment.

How to Cure Cramps

  1. Lie down and rest.
  2. Exercise regularly to take away the cramps.  Take a walk or jog once in a while as this is proven to be really helpful in alleviating the condition.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids.  Oftentimes, this is due to dehydration so drinking a lot of fluids especially those that will balance the electrolyte in the body will be of great help.
  4. Consume potassium and calcium rich foods and reduce intake of phosphorus rich foods.
  5. If you are experiencing abdominal cramps, then avoid intake of alcohol and caffeine-rich drinks.  Sipping clear liquid alone will be of good help.
  6. Place a heating pad on the area where you are cramping.  This may provide temporary relief especially for those who have menstrual cramps.  For appendicitis related cramps, never apply heat as it may rupture the appendix.
  7. Soak in a hot bath to relax the abdominal muscles and soothe the painful feeling brought about by the condition.
  8. Massage the area of affectation to increase the blood flow thus providing relief for pain.  You can use essential oils while massaging.
  9. One home remedy is to drink herbal tea.  This will also relax your muscles and give you a soothing feeling.
  10. Avoid wearing constricting clothes that can impede the circulation which results to cramping.
  11. For leg cramps, stretch your toes against the wall and stretch the calf muscles for half an hour before going to bed.
  12. Practice breathing exercises once the painful cramping sets in.  You can also try other alternative treatment such as yoga, and Pilates to alleviate discomfort felt.

Those are some of the tips that we can give you on how to treat cramps.  We hope that you’ve learned some great insights on dealing with the condition. Good luck!


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