How to Treat Acne Internally

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How to Treat Acne InternallyDisturbed body image – that is how a person suffering from acne could feel. The occurrence of acne, pimples, zits, or whatever names you can think for it can really make a negative impact in one’s self-concept especially if these have left scars on the skin.  Some people are blessed to be able to remove it easily through a lot of topical creams.  But others still deal with it despite use of every products claiming effectiveness to no avail.  Although, topical creams may work for some, others require treatment which is beyond the use of these products and this can be done inside of their own body.  So, how to treat acne internally, you ask?!? Here are some of the things that you can do.

How to Cure Acne Internally

Balance you hormones.  Hormonal imbalance is one of the culprits why severe acne in the body or even cystic acne occurs. Breakouts occur as a result of woman’s hormones which increase the production of sebum thus contributing to breakouts of zits.  Herbal supplements can be counted on to treat acne naturally and internally.  However, most doctors prescript the use of synthetic hormones through pills which can help in reducing the pimples.

Medications like Vitamin A (Isotretinoin) are also suggested to cure acne internally.  This are often given to those who suffer from severe acne and who has used every meds to fight off pimples but never worked.  The use of this drug should be consulted with your doctors first as this as a lot of side effects and precautions upon use.

Home remedies like detoxification and body cleansing also aid in promoting clear skin and avoiding zit flare-ups.  Apple juice is the most commonly used agent in detox since it contains pectin which helps to excrete toxins from the body.  Epsom salt drinks are also used as a method of detoxifying the body. On the other hand, blood donation is yet another way on how to treat acne internally.  It is advised that you donate blood every six months to help get rid of dirt and toxins from your system.

Of course, lifestyle modifications are always added to the list on how to get rid of pimples. Eating a regular diet and drinking plenty of fluids are a must-do to succeed in your quest.  Getting enough sleep, distressing, and cessation of smoking are also needed to maintain a healthy skin.  Good luck on your quest.


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