How to Remove Chicken Pox Marks / Scars

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remove chicken pox marks scarsChicken pox is a disorder that affects people of all ages and backgrounds, but it’s more common among children under 12 years old.  This highly contagious disease is known to be caused by the varicella-zoster virus and can be transmitted via contact with drops of saliva and other body fluids as well as sneezes and coughs by the affected person.  In the early stages of chicken pox, it can be characterized with symptoms including fever, headache, and general feeling of ill-health and later on will develop rash and hives.   To protect you from chickenpox, it is an option to have varicella vaccine.

Almost everyone has encountered this disease.  And although it can be treated, at times the affected person is left with unwanted scars not just on the face but on the other parts of the body as well even if they scratched it or not. Seeing those red marks and spots from chicken pox can be very unsightly, but there are actually tips you can do on how to remove chicken pox scars.  We’ll give you some home remedies and medical treatment tips on how to get rid of those varicella marks.  So read on.

Removing Chicken Pox Marks / Scars

  1. Apply Vitamin E and sandalwood oil onto your skin.  This can work well for superficial scars. Rub the sandalwood oil and Vitamin E on your scars for a few months until the mark are gone.
  2. Coat the scars with honey atleast once a day.
  3. Using a freshly cut lemon, rub your scar areas as it aids in removing dead skin.
  4. Raw garlic can also be rubbed onto skin daily.
  5. Consume vegetables and fruits and other food products that help in healing scars and wounds.

However, for deep chicken-pox scars in adults, you might have to undergo scar removal and other scar treatment as a remedy to get rid of them.  Here are some tips that you can do:

  1. Consult a dermatologist to have your scars evaluated to arrange a specific treatment for them.
  2. You can try to undergo laser treatment for those deep scars.
  3. Excision is also another way of chicken pox scar removal. This involves cutting those scars off and stitching them.  Though, you’ll have some scarring, too, it will be less noticeable than your varicella marks.
  4. Undergo microdermabrasion.  This is a process of removing scars by having deep facial peel and removing your skin’s very fine layers.

With the tips that we’ve given you, you don’t have to hide in shame because of your chicken pox marks.   These tips can also work well on shingles marks and measles marks.   That is how to remove chicken pox marks.  Hope this has answered your queries.


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