How to Make Sassy Water to Flatten your Belly

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Make Sassy Water to Flatten BellyI’m sure most people are wondering what sassy water is. Some might have heard it for the first time; well sassy water is actually an anti bloating recipe from the author of “The Flat Belly Diet.”

It has been one of the most talked about over the Internet because it is said that this will help people who wanted to shed off some pounds around their midsection and belly. Most people especially women are rushing to get recipes like this as this guarantees to flatten your stomach in just 4 short days.  Also, this diet aids in elimination of toxins, contaminants, fat, and excess water, of course along with proper nutrition.

Getting more and more interested? “How to make sassy water to flatten your belly?” so you ask.

This recipe is simple and easy to make.  The ingredients that you are going to use for this also pose no side effects. So let’s start.

How to Make Sassy Water to Flatten your Belly

What you’ll need:

  • 8.5 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber peeled and sliced thinly
  • 1 medium-sized lemon sliced thinly
  • 12 small spearmint leaves


  1. On a pitcher or a jug, pour 8.5 cups of water.  It is suggested that you use filtered water to make sure the it  is pure and not contaminated.
  2. Wash the cucumber and spearmint leaves thoroughly. Peel the outer coating of the ginger.  Tear the spearmint leaves. Slice the lemon thinly.
  3. Peel and slice the cucumber thinly.
  4. Add all the ingredients including – ginger, spearmint leaves, lemon, and cucumber to the pitcher or jug.  Shake the mixture well.
  5. Put the pitcher in the refrigerator and drink it the following day as a substitute for sodas, juices, and other drinks.

How the Ingredients Aid in Having Flat Belly

  • Cucumber is known to have high water content and is a natural diuretic.  Therefore, it aids the body release excess liquid.
  • Ginger and Lemons also have the same effect as the cucumber.
  • Spearmint leaves are considered good aromatic plant for weight loss.

There are a lot of recipes out there that promise to flatten your belly fast, but this one is considered the most popular and is really simple and easy to prepare.  This is how to make sassy water to flatten your belly.  Use the sassy water diet as a jumpstart to achieve a flat belly.  But don’t forget to combine proper nutrition, and regular exercise to further achieve the body that you’ve been longing to have.


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