How to Increase Amniotic Fluid

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how to increase Amniotic FluidA couple of pregnancy complications are experienced by some pregnant women during their gestation. Among them are placenta and amniotic fluid related problems. Amniotic fluid, a color less liquid, is an essential part of your baby’s support while he is still in your womb.  This serves as cushion and it keeps the correct temperature inside the womb.

In addition, it aids in nourishment and prevents the baby from any infection.  During the course of pregnancy, water breaking or leaking amniotic fluid may occur which signifies premature rupture of membrane. But the most common condition which is usually faced by expectant moms is the varying level of the amniotic fluid.

Measurement of it can be done through an amniotic fluid test called amniotic fluid index (AFI).  They can be either too high or too low.  Low amniotic fluid is called oligohydramnios.  The condition isn’t too alarming as premature rupture of membranes, but still it can restrict the growth of the fetus inside of you.  You may be then wondering how to increase amniotic fluid or is there really a way on how to go about increasing it? Find out by reading the rest of the article below.

How to Increase Amniotic Fluid

Apparently, there isn’t really something you can do like eating or drinking on how to increase amniotic fluid because it is something that your own body is responsible for. But there is some treatment available for low levels of it like:

  • Amnio – infusion via intrauterine catheter may be done during labor.  This is done by instilling fluid in the amniotic cavity.  This can be a reverse process of amniocentesis.
  • Rehydration of IV fluids can also be done to help replace low levels of it.
  • Bed rest and lying on your side for ten minutes are also a part of the routine that can help to increase the levels.

The condition requires close monitoring by your doctor.  Therefore, frequent visits to your doctor may be needed to ensure that you are having a safe pregnancy.  Have a joyous one!


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