How to Cure Tuberculosis Naturally

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how to cure tuberculosis naturallyGreat efforts have been made in different parts of the world to eradicate tuberculosis cases.  However, despite those measures taken, many are still afflicted with TB.  This serious and highly infectious disease which affects the primarily the lungs has been the major cause of death even a century ago.  But it’s good to say that with the onset of medicinal measures, the symptoms, and treatment as well as prevention of TB has been easier.

While antibiotics are a must on how to treat this condition, there is also a couple of home treatment which you can do on how to cure tuberculosis naturally.  Keep in mind, that we do not encourage you to do this home remedy as a substitute, but instead use this as an aid alongside your doctor’s prescript medicines on how to fight off the condition easily.  Read on.

How to Treat Tuberculosis Naturally

  • Get plenty of Vitamin D.  Studies have shown that sunrays exposure is an effective therapy on how to cure TB the natural way.  The vitamin you get from direct sunlight boosts your immune system which allows your body to fight off bacteria eventually.
  • Eat well and have a balanced diet.  Having a well-balanced diet ensures a person to function optimally as well as giving the body enough strength to fight the condition.  You should include fruit juices especially citrus juices.
  • Take vitamins and minerals as these provide positive results for patients with tuberculosis.  Vitamins boost the immune system and aid to fight off the bacteria causing it, thus they orevent and limit the effects of the infection.
  • Boiling garlic cloves in milk and water is also an ideal home remedy for TB.  Garlic has an antibacterial property that helps in killing bacteria causing tuberculosis.
  • Another effective natural treatment for this condition is the use of barberry.  Add atleast 10-15 barberries in an infected person’s diet daily.  This herb also has antibacterial properties which fight off bacteria.
  • Try the propolis.  This is yet another useful supplement for treatment of TB as it is noted to be rich in bactericidal properties as well as capable of boosting one’s immune system.

Those are some of the useful tips that we can help you on how to cure tuberculosis naturally.  The natural ways listed above can also be used by people who are suffering from other respiratory conditions like pneumonia, and bronchitis.  Good luck!


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