How to Calm a Gassy Baby

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How to Calm a Gassy BabyAs a new parent, you are aware that crying is your baby’s way of communicating with you.  Oftentimes though, it may be hard for you to determine what he wants.  Is he hungry?  Is he cold?  Does he need food? Or maybe your infant is suffering from colic.  Infantile colic is the condition where you baby is healthy, yet display symptoms of irritability, and crying for up to three hours or more everyday due to excessive gas in his stomach thus making him feel extreme discomfort.  The exact cause is actually unknown, but factors which predispose your baby to having increase amount of gas in the stomach include some foods like those high in sugar.  Moreover, some doctors relate to the immaturity of your baby’s digestive system.  If this is the reason why your baby is fussy, it would be very disheartening on your part, right?  But there are some things you can actually do on how to calm a gassy baby.  Follow some of our tips below on how to go about dealing with the situation.

How to Calm a Gassy Baby

  • If you are breasfeeding, feed with breast milk on demand to provide enough nutrition.  If you are a breastfeeding mom, there are some foods to avoid which may cause gas to your baby such as cabbage, broccoli, caffeine, and dairy products.
  • If your baby is bottlefed, give your child small frequent meals.  You may also want to change your baby milk formula since it might be one of the culprits why your infant is colicky.
  • Although there aren’t any scientific evidences, stimulating your baby physically can help stop your baby from being irritable.  Do this by rubbing or massaging your baby’s tummy to help soothe the feeling of discomfort.
  • Another way to provide relief to your baby is to swaddle him in a comfortable blanket.
  • Mylicon drops may also be another way on how to treat your gassy baby.  These help relieve gas thus easing your infant’s feelings.
  • Give colic calm gripe water.  This is among the home remedies given to address the condition since it can alleviate discomfort from colic, gas, and reflux of your infant.
  • Burp your baby after each feedings by holding his chin up and slightly patting his back.  This will help the gas escape from his system therefore avoiding occurrence of colic.

These are some ways you can do on how to calm a gassy baby.  In instances when nothing has worked from the above tips, it would be better if you consult your pediatrician about it most especially when the condition has become chronic.  Good luck!


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