How to Burn Calories Fast While Sitting

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Burn Calories Fast While SittingNowadays, the nature of jobs is becoming sedentary requiring the office workers to sit the entire shift and stare at the computer.  Being glued in front of their desktops has already become their routine.  It may not be good for your body which is why it is advised to do exercises while you work. Moreover, performing simple exercises can help you burn calories and build muscle mass.  Yes, you can burn calories by just sitting around just like how calories are burned when doing simple activities like breathing and while sleeping.  However, these may not help you burn body fat fast. To be able to lose weight, aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling are still among the easy ways on how burn calories the fastest and really quickly.  But if you are still wondering how to burn calories fast while sitting, then read the entire article to know how.  Oops, this isn’t just meant for office workers, you can also try this at home while sitting.

How You Can Burn Calories Quickly While Sitting

  1. Do simple stretching exercises.  Try stretching your neck, rolling your shoulders forward, and rolling your wrists and ankles regularly.  Not only will you burn calories from doing these, but the tension from the body parts will also be released and strain will also be lessened.
  2. While sitting, contract your abdominal muscles once in a while.  Hold them for a few seconds and then release.
  3. Stretch the calves of your legs.  Lift up one of your legs and slowly set them down.  Do this for 15 reps and continue doing this for atleast an hour.
  4. Inhale and exhale.  This can also be done with contraction of your abdominal muscles.  Take a deep breath and hold your abdomen for a few seconds, and then breathe out.
  5. Drinking water often is also another way on how to burn calories fast while sitting.
  6. Chewing a sugar free gum is another simple activity that can help you eliminate extra calories per hour.
  7. Keep your mind busy.  Thinking and concentrating on work are pretty enough to help you burn more calories.
  8. Fidgeting constantly while sitting another quick way on burning calories.  You can burn up to 350 cal compared to passive sitters.

Follow the tips given above and do them at work and you will find that you’re actually burning more calories that what you’ve thought.  But of course, this recipe on calorie-burning should still be associated with cardiovascular exercises, proper nutrition, and knowing what foods to eat or not.  Good luck!


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