Home Remedies for Feminine Odor

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Feminine odor is often a part of every woman’s lives especially during pregnancy, but it doesn’t mean that you will bear with it and leave it just like it is.  At times, it can be an indication of infection.  Generally, the causes of the vaginal odor are due to bacterial vaginosis as well as Trichomas vaginalis. Other symptoms of the condition include feminine itching, vaginal discharge, and redness around the area.  This can be really gross, therefore take actions to control and eliminate it, and follow some of the home remedies for feminine odor.   Below are some of the natural remedies.

Feminine Odor Home Remedies

  1. Make it a habit to wash your vulva and anus daily using a mild and unscented soap and plain water.   However, do not over wash as you only destroy your vagina’s way of maintaining balance and keeping it clean which leads to having vaginal odor more.   In addition, make it appoint to wash the area after sexual intercourse to prevent occurrence of other infections.
  2. Another way on how to get rid of the pungent smell is to change your sanitary napkins after every four hours even when the period is light. This goes especially if you are using tampons because leaving them on for longer hours will bring about the incidence of feminine odor.  Panty liners can also be used even after period but be sure to change it at regular intervals, too.
  3. One way on how to stop it is to opt for cotton-made underwear instead of those made from synthetic fibers.  The former actually helps the skin to breathe easier compared to the latter.  Moreover, avoid wearing of constricting clothes that wouldn’t allow the air to circulate thus leading to the condition.
  4. Baking soda is another home remedy which you can be used as treatment to eliminate the incident.  Make a mixture out of a tablespoon of baking soda with a glass of water. Mix thoroughly and drink it daily.  You can also incorporate this on your bath.
  5. Among the natural cures to give that part of the body a refreshing feeling is though apple cider vinegar mixed with honey.  Rub it on and leave it on the area for atleast an hour before finally rinsing off.
  6. Garlic, teat tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, and yogurt are also among the home remedies which can be applied on the vaginal area to get rid of that foul odor.

There is actually wrong with having vaginal odor at times, but it is often a reflection of your hygiene.  Follow our home remedies for feminine odor to completely eliminate that disgusting smell.


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