Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy

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Pregnant woman eating fruitIs it your first pregnancy and you have been told of the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy? It is very necessary for you to know them. Pregnant women must be careful especially during the first trimester. This stage is the development of the main and most important senses and body parts of the child. You need to be extra careful of yourself, of the things that you do and you have to follow certain do’s and don’ts from your doctor.

1. Be healthy and safe. Visit your doctor regularly. You have to get updated of your child even when he/she is still in your womb. Prenatal care is very important. Be sure that your problems on health be treated so you won’t affect your child. Get vaccinated. Stay away from vices like smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs. Give your child your full security of his/her health.
2. Take vitamins. You need to follow prescribed vitamin from your OB. Be sure that you get enough folic acid to lower birth deficiencies.
3. Eat healthy. Feed yourself with healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, food rich in calcium, grains. It helps if you drink milk, you need more calcium so it will be enough for the two of you. Drink much water, it’ll help a lot.
4. Walk. Having a physical activity that suits a pregnant woman should be done unless your doctor advised you not to. Be aware of the supposed weight you must have during pregnancy so you could maintain it. It’s important to get away from complications when giving birth.
5. Put an eye on your hygiene. Maintain a proper one. Wash your hands, take a bath regularly.
6. Sleep well. It helps a lot if you get enough sleep, not only for yourself but most especially your baby. Sleep for at least 8-9 hours every night. Getting enough rest will make you and your baby fit. Rest on the left side to let blood flow to you and your precious one and that also avoid swelling.
7. Do not be so problematic. Delete stress in your vocabulary and be happy. Do not overuse yourself.

Never try to abort your baby. If there maybe circumstances that push you to do so, for God’s sake, never let it. It is your own blood, a part of your life so take care of him/her and let him see the world too. The first trimester is really fatal. Be extra careful to avoid miscarriage. And when your angel comes out, do breastfeeding, this will make your child healthier and wiser.


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