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dandruff home remedyIt has been a dream for me to have beautiful tresses.   A hair that is shiny and sleek.   But sometimes even if you have that kind of hair, you can experience some common scalp problem that is hard to get rid.   One example of scalp problem is dandruff.   Dandruff is one of the most common scalp problems wherein you have a dry and itchy scalp.   Dandruff is not only characterized by having dry hair but also a flaky scalp.   This problem could really annoy you especially when you wear dark clothes.   Can you relate with me?   Well, this article will definitely help you find ways on how to treat dandruff through home remedies.

If you are tired of using commercialized shampoo to cure dandruff just like nizoral, then it’s about time that you try these home remedies.

  • Apple cider vinegar treatment.  It is a proven and tested dandruff home remedy.  It has acetic acid, a major ingredient in vinegar that kills bacteria that are present in your scalp.  Simply place the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on your scalp until your hair is wet.  Let it stay for at least 30 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

If apple cider vinegar isn’t available in your kitchen you can use any kind of vinegar and you can get the same effect.

  • Tea tree oil treatment. It is known as antiseptic and antifungal agent that can cure mild to severe case of dandruff.  Mix tea tree oil with warm water.  Massage it on your scalp.  Let it stay for few minutes then rinse.
  • Aspirin. It’s not only good for pain but it is also good for hair problem like dandruff and it can also be use to remove lice.  Just simply dissolve two aspirin on your favorite shampoo.  Use it every time you are going to wash your hair.

These dandruff home remedies can work well with balance diet.   Protein is the food for healthy hair and scalp, so make sure you eat the right servings every meal.   Remember, we should take care of our scalp, if we want silky and smooth hair.



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