Best Exercises During Pregnancy

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Best Exercises During PregnancyAvoid exercise during pregnancy – that is one of the most common old wives tales pregnant women usually hear during their gestation period. Oh well, that was in the past as today more and more pregnant women engage themselves in fitness activities because of the wonders it gives during this life changing period of the mom and the baby as well.

Generally, exercising prepares the mother towards giving birth by strengthening the muscles.  Moreover, it reduces pain felt related to gestation as well as boosting mood and having a good sleep.  However, before you begin exercising, it is advised that you talk with your doctor about the idea to ensure that you are safe.  But for most women, exercises during the first trimester and even later are generally safe. What are the best exercises during pregnancy?  Here are some of them.

Best Exercises when Pregnant

Primarily, workouts are focused on keeping your heart pumping and preparing yourself for childbirth without having to deal with too much pressure.  Below are some of the activities that are usually safe for women during maternity.

  • Cardiovascular exercises. Exercises such as walking, swimming, running, jogging, dancing, and bicycling are among the recommended exercises which are beneficial for your body.  These are extremely easy to do. Moreover, they keep your body toned.
  • Yoga and Breathing exercises. This allows you to relax and boost your flexibility. In addition, yoga relieves stress and eliminates pressure in the body.  Special yoga lessons and training are actually given to pregnant women which are actually safe and not too painstaking.
  • Abdominal exercises. Who says pregnant women can’t do abs exercises?  There are actually a lot of safe abdominal drills which can be done to promote easier birth.  For instance, we have pelvic rocking which is done by slanting your pelvis while constricting your abdominal muscles carefully.  Hold in that position for a few seconds. Abdominal contractions are also a good form of exercise.  Do this by tilting on an exercise ball to have your back aligned.  Inhale deeply as you place your hands on your stomach and contract your abdominal walls and slowly exhale the air out of your lungs.
  • Kegel exercises. These strengthen the muscles during gestation and allow you to control them during labor and delivery.  Moreover, kegel exercises aid in healing after giving birth, prevent hemorrhoids, and regain bladder control.

Now, you’re on your way to getting ready for your exercises.  Make it a point that you way comfortable clothes and shoes to facilitate easier performance of workouts.  These are among the best exercises during pregnancy.  We hope that this is of great help!


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