World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

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People of different ethnicity have one thing in common:   they crave for delicious food.   Food is the sweetest temptation you can’t just resist.   People from around the world would be willing to try different cuisines to satisfy their cravings.   People wouldn’t care if they would eat in a world’s most expensive restaurant, as long as they satisfied their taste buds and hungry tummy.

Aragawa is One of the Most Expensive Restaurant in the world

Aragawa is One of the Most Expensive Restaurant in the world

In this article I will enumerate the world’s most expensive restaurants.  And here they are:

  • Aragawa – It is the oldest and the first steak house in Tokyo, Japan. The steakhouse is so cozy with the ambiance of Japanese and European setting: dark wood panel and some chandeliers. They serve the most expensive menu which is the Kobe beef (Sumiyaki) in charcoal-broiling method steak with mustard and pepper that costs $370 per serving. Remember, it is a fine dining restaurant, so formal attire is required.
  • Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee – It is a very elegant and stylish restaurant located in Montaigne Avenue in Paris.  You can enjoy their superior seafood, fresh fruits and their mouth watering desserts for $235 per serving.
  • Gordon Ramsay – Its famous in London, England for its classic dishes like Cornish lamb and pigeon with foie grass.  It is also known as one of the world’s most expensive restaurant with $185 per meal. This restaurant has only 13 tables, so you can make sure that diners will experience a very comfortable and spacious restaurant.  If you want a reservation from this restaurant, you need at least two months to reserve before the planned date.
  • Acquarello – It is located in Munich, Germany.  It serves the most expensive pizza and pasta in the world.  They serve mainly Italian cuisines.  Meal costs about $125 per serving.
  • Alberto Ciarla’s – They serve incredible seafood in three different menus namely: grande cucina for lobsters, cucina for prawn salads, and oysters. You can enjoy their meal for a cost of $115 per serving.

These restaurants offer the best.  Since they are the best, it comes with a costly price but will definitely leave our taste buds the satisfaction that we want.


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