How to Eat Wholesome

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food pyramid - how to eat wholesomeEating following the food pyramid is difficult to do for most people. They tend to be influenced by the people around them and even magneted to eat junk. Wholesome eating is very necessary for us to stay healthy and this keeps us away from diseases. Being aware of the value and the amount of food that we eat from all the food groups allows us to be more healthy but we must be consistent in doing this, it’s not we do for days and it all ends there, that’s not the meaning of wholesome eating. It must be carried all throughout, whenever and wherever you are.

There are a lot of good effects brought by eating wholesome, it may be difficult to accomplish and do it but for sure, it’ll all be worth it. Rewards will be felt as you grow older, you would definitely have more energy, free from diseases and definitely have a longer life.

  • From a long rest during the night, we really need to eat breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is known to be the most important but the most neglected meal of the day. A lot of people do not know exactly the importance of eating breakfast.
  • Consume high portions of fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy and be hydrated. It’s also better if you eat small meals but frequent during the day instead of eating a lot all at once.
  • Usually, the trend is, when people don’t have the time to prepare or cook food, they just go into processed and canned goods. It is but necessary to stay away from those food items to make sure you get the proper nutrients you need.
  • Avoid eating at fast food chains and restaurants for the food they serve are high in salt, sugar and fat that are not good for the body. The need to cook for on your own is necessary, also avoid frying, instead, you do steaming, baking or grilling.
  • The way of eating food must also be practiced, chew the food well and slowly. This will help you for proper digestion. If you feel you are full, you must stop eating. Know when to stop.
  • Know what your body needs. You have to pay attention to how much fat, protein, sugar and sodium does your body needs. You have to know and be aware of your limits.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Avoid drinking sodas or other sweetened beverages.

Being conscious with the food you eat is a need to be healthy. You would sometime crave to eat some junk but you must know your limitations. Remember, you’ll be the one to suffer if you body does not get the nutrition it needs.


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