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Philippine island is not only known for its white sand beaches, but it is also known for its exotic food.   Filipinos love to cook and exotic food is included in the list.   It may sound strange but once you have tried Philippine exotic food you’ll keep coming back.   Here are some of the Philippine exotic food that you can try:

exotic fried rat

Delicious Fried Rat

  • Duck’s egg or Balut-   This is fertilized egg of the duck for about 17 days to 28 days.    It is rich in protein and known as an aphrodisiac.   It is hard boiled and usually paired with vinegar, salt and chilli.   You can also eat this while having some drinks or having some beer party.
  • Fried beetle or Pritong Salagubang- Yes beetle is edible.   Bizarre as it sounds but that’s fried beetle is worth the taste.   You can found this edible beetle in provinces where there are lots of mangoes.   Just clean the beetle by washing it thoroughly in running water and just stir fry and add salt to taste.   It is so crunchy and tasty!
  • Bat Adobo or adobong paniki-   This creature eats nutritious food because it eats fruits. So we’re sure it’s clean.   One of the recipes that you can try is adobo.   Clean the bats by removing its skin and glands. Then sauté the meat of bats in garlic, onion, soy sauce, vinegar and pepper.   Let it simmer until the meat is tender.
  • Fried mole crickets or pritong kamaro-   It’s an insect present in the rice field before the season of planting. It’s edible.   Just simply wash the mole crickets and sauté in oil or stir fry.   Add salt to taste.
  • Woodworm or Tamiluk-   It’s a woodworm found in large trees.   No cook required.   Just wash woodworm and then eat. It tastes better than a sushi or sashimi.
  • Ant eggs-   Not only chicken eggs are edible but also ants’ eggs.   It takes a careful hand to be able to get this on the branches of mango trees. You can fry ants’ eggs with butter.   Its tastes creamy and crunchy as well.
  • Stuffed frog or Betute Tugak –   It’s quite known as one of the best Philippine exotic food. It tastes like chicken.  Simply clean the frog by removing its skin, wash thoroughly then marinate it with soy sauce, garlic and pepper and then deep fry.
  • Rat adobo or fried rats- It’s not a usual rat that we see in our house. These rats are found in rice fields or in forests where they eat fruits and vegetables. Some folks believed that it can cure skin allergies. It tastes best when cooked as adobo. Sauté the meat with garlic, onion, ginger and put a little amount of soy sauce and vinegar and pepper to taste. You can also deep fry this.

We may think that these are bizarre and awful to taste but let’s be food adventurers.   There’s no harm in trying as long as long you know it’s clean and offers the same nutritional value.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and try some.


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