How to Make Homemade Wine from Fruit

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homemade wine from fruitThe weather gives me a shiver through my spine and once again It may  think of holidays.  When we talk about holidays, there are so many gatherings being piled up on our scheduled things to do.  It is true that during holidays we gather together to celebrate the good things about life.  And when we celebrate, there is one thing that is always present in our table aside from the delicious food, and that is wine.

Wine can be so pricey when you have to buy it, so why not learn how to make homemade wine from fruit and save pretty bucks?   Wine as we know is a very good for our body, so it is preferred by many people compared to beer.   It may come from seed, blackberry, strawberries, grapes, apple, from bananas, oranges and other vegetables.   Homemade wine like moonshine can be made easy and really sweat free thing to try.

Here’s a simple recipe that you would want to try:


  • 6-10 kilos of grapes or other fruit juice
  • 5 kilos of sugar
  • 2 gal of water
  • 1 pack wine yeast
  • Bottles for storage
  • Mixing bowl
  • Bucket
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wooden ladle
  • Strainer


  1. Wash the fruits thoroughly.
  2. Mash the fruits or you can use blender to mix them well.  When you use blender, put a few drops of water in a blender to avoid the blender to be burn out.  Then place the mashed fruit into a bucket.  Set aside.
  3. Get about two cups from the mashed fruit and make a mixture with wine yeast.  Set aside.
  4. Mix sugar in one galloon of water then simmer until you can see clear syrup from it.  Add the mashed fruit and the one with wine yeast.  Stir the mixture well with the wooden ladle.  Let it stay for about a week in a bucket and stir the mixture occasionally.
  5. After 7 days, strain the mixture. Separate the pulp from the juice.  Then put the liquid or juice into another clean bucket, cover it for about a month.  Place the bucket in a warm and dark place.
  6. After one month, your wine is ready! Transfer the fruit wine into bottles and serve them.

These steps are really easy right?  Try this one now and save a big penny on the holidays!


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